Thursday July 29th Friday July 30th
09:00:00 am Keynote: Wolfgang Huber:
Bioconductor Project
Martin Senger: slides
Life Sciences Identifiers. Finally?

09:30:00 am
Peter Rice: slides

10:00:00 am Chris Mungall: slides
Peter van Heusden: slides
Software Validation

10:30:00 am Coffee
Arek Kasprzyk:
Annotation Database Presentations:

Lincoln Stein: slides
11:00:00 am Toshiaki Katayama: slides
Ewan Birney:

Steve Fischer:
11:30:00 am Levinson, Gene (NIH/NCI): slides
James Gilbert: slides
The Otter Annotation System

12:00:00 pm Lunch Lunch

01:00:00 pm Lincoln Stein: slides
Semantic MOBY
Michel Dumontier: slides
NCBI C++ Toolkit

Thomas Down:
Henning Hermjakob: slides
The PSI MI standard

02:00:00 pm Lightning talks and Demos
Lightning talks

Darin London:
MartShell – A Commandline, Interactive Shell interface to BioMart
Lawrence Lau:
Open Source Software Funding Mechanisms: Promises and Pitfalls

Frank Gibbons: slides
BioGraphNet, A Distributed Forum for Heterogeneous Biological Networks
Craig Melsopp: slides
Ensj Library

Matthew Pocock: slides
BioJava Version 2
Rob Clack: slides
ZMap: Annotaing Genomic Data from Various Sources

Brook G. Milligan:
Multiplatform Scientific Computing Environment
Kazuharu Arakawa: slides
G-language Genome Analysis Environment

Chad Matsalla: slides
Model Centric Architecture
Siu-wai Leung: slides
Bio# (Bio-Sharp)

Michael Watson: slides
Systems Biology Integration
Bob Freeman:
Magic Tools: A Suite of Programs to Aid in Gene Discovery and Expression Analysis via EST/Genome Sequencing and Microarray Analysis
03:00:00 pm Coffee:
Lightning talks and Demos
Lightning talks and Demos

Matthew Pocock: slides
Taverna: Workflow Enactor for Bioinformatics
Brian O'Connor:
Turnkey, A Generic Data Visualization Tool

Rasmus Fogh:
Data Modeling, Automatic Code Generation, and a Data Standard for Structural Biology
Hidemasa Bono: slides

Francois Pepin: slides
BIAS: Bioinformatics Integrated Application Software
Karsten Hokamp:
ArrayPipe and ProbeLynx - Joining Forces for Improved Microarray Analysis

Jennifer Gardy: slides
PSORT-B: An open-source meta-analysis tool for protein localization prediction.
Chris Zmasek:
Development of an XML for Describing annotated Phylogenetic Trees

Chris Mungall: slides
BioStag: A SQL Template Resource for Bioinformatics Databases
Mark Poolman:
Metabolic Modelling of 'Omic-Scale Systems

Marc Dumontier:
Biomolecular Interaction Network Database (BIND)
Michael Hoffman: slides
Poly: rapid development of embarrassingly parallelizable applications

04:00:00 pm Mark Hoebeke: slides
Exploring genomes and analysis results with MuGeN
Richard Smith: slides
InterMine: generic object integration and warehousing

Angela Baldo: slides
Using the SEAN package to predict SNPs in tomatoes
Subrata Bose:
Use of AI for Bioinformatics knowledge discovery

Ian Donaldson: slides
SeqHound: a bioinformatics programming platform

05:00:00 pm BOFs BOFs