Chapter 5. C Programming

Table of Contents

5.1. Basic Datatypes
5.1.1. Fundamental C Datatypes
5.1.2. Fundamental AJAX Datatypes Integer Types Other AJAX Types
5.1.3. Derived Types
5.1.4. Storage Class and Linkage
5.2. C Pointers Primer
5.2.1. Pointer Basics Declaring Pointers
5.2.2. Pointers to Pointers
5.3. Objects (C Data Structures)
5.3.1. Object Definition
5.3.2. Object Functions
5.4. Memory Management in EMBOSS
5.4.1. Introduction to Memory Management General memory management macros Object memory management macros Object constructor and destructor functions Failsafe object construction Dynamic objects EMBOSS is free of arbitrary limits
5.4.2. General Memory Management General Macros Object Macros Arrays of Fundamental C-type Datatypes Memory Leaks
5.4.3. Object Memory Management Introduction Object Construction Object Destruction
5.5. Programming with Objects
5.5.1. An Example Object: AjPPdbtosp Object Definition Object Construction Object Destruction Usage Example
5.5.2. AJAX Dynamic String Object Introduction String Definition String Construction String Destruction String Functions
5.5.3. AJAX Dynamic Array Objects Object Definition AjPInt Construction and Destruction AjPInt2d Construction and Destruction AjPInt2d Putting and Getting Array Elements